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Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018


Welcome to SicBo Online! (A multi-user gaming experience)

Disclaimer: This is not a gambling site.

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game, played with three dice. The bets and payouts are dependent on various combinations of the three dice.


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There is no money involved.  We don't ask for your credit card number etc.
SicBo online is an online gaming site where you can play the casino game of SicBo with your friends, around the world. One of you plays the role of a dealer and others participate as players. The dealer himself can participate in the game by playing from another browser session.


How to get started


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Click on "PLAY SICBO" at the bottom and you will be redirected to the game page. There is a very brief registration, which requires you to pick a unique nick name. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Come back to the same page and start again. This time, use your email address and password to login. You will be asked to change the password the first time. We will NOT share your email address with anyone. Once logged in you can be either a dealer or a player. If you want to be a dealer, choose the "Host game" option. You will be asked to pick a unique id for your game. If you leave this field blank the we will pick one for you. Use a password if you want to make the game private. Only players with proper password will be able to join the game. As a player you will be asked for the game id you want to join. You will be given $100 worth of credits automatically. During the game you can request for more chips from your dealer. The control panel is to the right of the form. You may need to make the browser window to be able to view the game board and control panel with no overlap. You can view a different theme for the game board from the dropdown list. You can size the game board to three different sizes by clicking on semi transparent plus (+) buttons at the bottom-right of the board.


Watch a short video about how to play Sic Bo online


That's about most of it. We want you to have a great user experience with this game. Please feel free to drop us a line with your comments. Please note that this site may not display properly with IE 7.0 or earlier versions.



We are collecting your input about our next multi-user card game of Flash. This game is very popular in India. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions. We need your input about the rules as well. Apparently there are a lot of deviations of the rules for flash. We want to be as consistent as possible.

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